In order to conform to safety standards most karting venues already adopt a series of basic preventive measures, such as mandatory helmet and protections mounted on the vehicle and on the track.
These are certainly essential precautions, which however have little or scarce impact on the factor that more than any other can bring about risky situations, namely the ability of the pilot to always keep his vehicle under control.
The most effective solution is not so much as to further restrain rental karts performances, since they are already very limited as compared to competition karts, but rather to provide equipment designed to adjust and limit the speed of all karts on the track in real time.

        Xtrashutdown transponder
        Xtra Remote Control

        Xtra Sector Sensor
        Xtra Sector Beacom
        Xtra Range Extender Accesspoint
        Xtra Driver Information Display

The system we recommend is highly reliable and is designed to perfectly fit on four strokes engines. It combines two distinct devices that can be  easily installed  and used:

  • a shutdown transponder to be connected to the spark plug (for internal combustion engine karts) or to the coil (for electric engine karts) directly powered by the engine;
  • a remote control by which the track manager can control and adjust the vehicles speed when needed.

The two devices constantly interact, since the shutdown transponder detects the engine’s RPM/relais status  and sends the data to the remote control; this in turn enables the track manager to  regulate  each single  kart’s speed through its transponder, typically when improper or dangerous driving is involved. You have just to select the code of the kart you want to slow down and reset its max. speed. Once the penalty is over,   the speed limitation is taken away automatically. Dedicated buttons on the keyboard allow for quick speed adjustments even on selected groups or on all karts simultaneously, for instance when emergency operations have to be  carried out.

  • Dimensions: 76x67x39,5 mm
  • Antenna: integrated
  • Max number of selectable track: 4
  • Max number of assignable groups: 5
  • Engine shutdown: yes
  • Speed range control: 1600/6500 RPM
  • Radio technology: 2 way communication
  • Operating principle: spark cancellation / relais switch table
  • Rev counter and speedometer: readable in real time with the Xtra Remote Control
  • Engine type: Honda GX 160/200 or similar and electric
  • Enclosure: mountable on round and square tubes, supported with tie-wrap feeds
  • Weight: 200 g approx
  • Temperature range: -10/ 55°C

  • Dimensions: 172x77x25 cm
  • Keyboard: membrane
  • Display: grafic backlit LCD
  • Radio technology: 2 way communication
  • Power supply: battery + charger
  • Battery: 2 high capacity Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, AA
  • Power pack charger: external
  • PC Interface protoocol: RS-232
  • Humidity range: Max 85%
  • Temperature range: -10/ 55°C
  • Lights remote control: Yes
  • Default set  RPM: 2100/ 3000/ 4000/> 4000
  • Max number of assignable tracks: 4
  • Energy saving: auto, 30s, 1m, 5m
  • Diagnostics:  available
  • Speed range with the brake  switch: 1600/6500 RPM
  • Max speed range: 1600/6500 RPM
  • Programmable  penalties: 4
  • Shoulder belt and slipcase: available
  • Weight: 290 g approx

By means of the Xtra Sector Control System the karts speed can be controlled in every section of the track. When an accident occurs the speed of the karts driving inside the dangerous zone is automatically limited and once the karts get outside the dangerous section, the speed limit is released.

The same system can be used for speed control. Once a kart drives into the pit area, the speed is automatically reduced while the other karts on the track retain their normal speed. When a kart exits the pits, the speed is set to normal.

As a further safety feature we suggest to adopt the Xtra Sector Control system on each section of the track where  accidents  are more likely to take place, typically  the pit-in / pit-out area or dangerous chicanes. In the first case the system automatically reduces the speed of the kart which is driving into the pit area, while all the other vehicles retain their speed, while iIn the second case case, when an accident occurs the speed of all the karts driving within  the dangerous sector will be   limited.

The Xtra.Sector Control System consists of one or more beacons placed along the track and a   sector  sensor  mounted on every kart connected to the Xtra.Shutdown transponder by means of the kart network port.

A loopwire, which will mark the sector starting point, is then   placed across the tarmac   and connected to the beacon.  Once the kart passes the loop the system automatically limits the speed according to the selected settings.

  • Dimensions: 67/88x49x23 mm
  • Max mounting heigth: 20 cm
  • Power supply: via kart network port
  • Temperature range: -10/ 55°C

  • Dimensions: 116x91x81 mm
  • Display type: Led
  • Functions: sector speed control, speed limit to 2100/3000/4000  RPM/,no speed limit, etc.
  • Max sectors number: 31
  • Sectors numbering: clockwise/anticlockwise
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Interface port: RS-485
  • Weight: 420 g
  • Adaptor weight: 875 g
  • Temperature range: -10/ 55°C
  • Max loop length: 14m


The Xtra Range Extender Accesspoint  can be useful to cover distant areas and/or “blind spots” caused by physical obstacles, such as buildings and trees, or by electrical interference.
The unit is provided with an access point through a serial port so that the karts speed can be monitored and controlled from your workstation.

  • Dimensions: 180x148x91 mm
  • Power supply: 230 V (+10% -10%), 50-60 Hz
  • Radio technology: 2 way communication
  • Enclosure: IP65
  • Access point interface: RS-232
  • Temperature range: -10/ 50°C
  • Weight: 1650 g


Mounted on the kart steering wheel  the Xtra Driver Information Display features fully configurable data in large visible characters. Among the many available info let’s mention: real time racing data (current pilot ranking, delay from the pilot ahead, lap timing, best time, engine RPM, speed), safety instructions, active speed limits and penalties.

  • Dimensions: 125x84x37 mm
  • Display type: LCD
  • Backlight: high efficiency white led
  • Backlight intensity: adjustable
  • Power supply: integrated high capacity rechargeable batteries pack
  • Race data: configurable
  • Race flags: red, yellow, blue, green, black, start/finish
  • Race instructions: penalty, go to pit, race started, stop, fuel,  in, end
  • Battery life after full charge: 30 days continuous operation (backlight off, sensors connected)
  • Weight: approx. 400 g
  • Temperature range: -10/ 55°C