Our standard package deals are intended to help our customer in choosing the solution which better suits the management needs of their karting venue, whether a small outdoor seasonal track or a large multitrack facility, possibly featuring  other entertaining activities as well as bars and restaurants.
Therefore if you intend to start your business with a simple and essential approach you can choose our “Step-in Formula”, adding more specific modules wherever the case.
The “Silver” and “Gold Formula” package deals  respectively offer an intermediate solution, fitting medium size venues, and a full-option solution, designed for large venues with complex management needs and for demanding managers  focusing on marketing,  new technologies (web, smartphones) and related issues (social media).


Front Office      
  Kiosk online  

PitManager Suite      
  Basic Decoder
  Ring Manager
  Slow Down System
  Light Interface
  Event Organizer

Hardware Light Interface

  Sell / Purchase Invoice
  Purchase Invoice
  Stock / Warehouse DB
  Staff In / Out Hour
  Budget Seller / Incoming
  Statistics and report optional
  Yearly Cloud Backup optional

Result Reporting      
  Print result
  Display / Scoreboard
  Display HD Monitor F1  

  Promotion - Offer - Discount  
  Voucher optional

Web & Mobile      
  Local Application x web    
  Portal Interface    
  Server yearly fee    
  Web Portal    
  Email / Customer Care    
  Social Media Interface    

Repair Shop      
  Vehicles Maintenance  
  Repair Card  
  Spare Parts  

  Assistance + training online
  (6 days)
  On-site installation and configuration
  (trip and hotel not included)

Do you need help to get customized
managing solutions for your karting venue?