PITMANAGER SUITE is a software suite designed to provide for all functions that are essential to a complete and effective control of the karting circuit, from vehicle rental to race control and it is devised to run either on single or multiple working stations arranged either by the pit or along the track. Kart swaps, driver changes, pausing and resuming suspended races can be easily handled.
Besides PITMANAGER includes a set of software modules appointed to run specific tasks:
 - Basic Decoder, manages timing data input provided by the timing hardware (intermediate/sector/lap timing and final results);
- Ring Manager supplies real-time timing data to any display arranged in the karting venue, as well as to any electronic device linked on the web.

How many operators are needed to oversee the pit PC workstation?
Once your vehicles/drivers categories are configured our system will automatically run and schedule all the races: traffic lights, emergency lights, laps counting and last lap slowdown, everything is handled by the program.

Is your timing and slowdown module is compatible with different systems transponder?
Yes. Our software is compatible with the transponders of the most popular brands on the market, although those we usually recommend and sell are MyLaps / AMB and DeHaarts kits.

- Slow Down System controls the dedicated electronic devices that can be operated both in ordinary routine mode and in emergency mode, when for instance, due to an accident, it is necessary to slow down the karts in the running as long as the safety officers are operating within the racetrack, and restore the normal racing conditions once the emergency is over.
In the ordinary routine mode SDS can be useful to set the maximum speed of karts riding along critical points of the track, as well as to automatically slow down the vehicles during the last lap in order to ensure a safe re-entry to the pit lane .

- With Lights Interface any light-signalling device, from stop/traffic-lights to emergency lights, is managed as to ensure that the scheduled races are held in conformity to all safety measures.

Besides, PITMANAGER SUITE makes available to the track staff a set of many other tools designed to ease their work:

a) function keys
                    > replacement of broken down vehicles during an ongoing race
                    > starting grid printout
                    > adjustment of rental time span
                    > temporary suspension of the race due to accident or emergency

b) software interface     
Event Organizer is a powerful software tool interfacing with PITMANAGER which helps planning in a quite easy way, and with due advance, complex events and competitions with corporate or private teams, such as those including free practice, qualifying rounds, tournament heats and so on. You will have no problem in handling block booking, races scheduling, general and partial classifications reports, while the track manager, if necessary, will have the possibility to modify the rule of engagement at any stage, avoiding the need to re-insert all the acquired data.

c) Multitrack option
Thanks to this option PITMANAGER suite can manage all the reservations gathered from the various points of sale (ticket counter, kiosk, on-line kiosk) and assign them to any of the available circuits in order to rationally deploy the resources of a multitrack karting venue.
Besides, any ongoing event or race can be moved from one track to another and be re- started on the basis of the previously acquired results – for instance an outdoor race can be shifted on an indoor track in case of bad weather.


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