Is it possible to choose a basic system for a start and then gradually develop a more complex one,
adopting from time to time specific modules?

Of course, our package deals are designed exactly to allow you to respond to progressively more complex needs and can always be customized to adapt to the various specific needs of rental karting, featuring either small seasonal outdoor tracks or big multitrack facilities with a number of other entertainment activities.

Is your solution of combined software and hardware tools designed to manage all the activities of my karting venue?

Yes. Timing Solution provides you with a complete package SW + HW designed to address all your management needs with minimal allocation of resources and maximum efficiency.

Are your prices inclusive of installation and training costs?

Yes. Although customers who may request it can easily carry out the installation on their own, we generally prefer that installation and commissioning are carried out under our supervision. This gives us confidence that the system will be used properly and is moreover a good opportunity to meet your staff and to get to know each other.

How can I monitor and review my business?

Our suite of tools for back office activities includes all that is necessary for the management of your business: the range of reports and statistics available covers all aspects of management activity and will enable you to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

Can your system help me to draw up and manage a budget?

Sure. You can draw up sales/income/expenditure budgets with weekly / monthly / yearly statements.

How can I monitor sales trend when I am not at my karting premises?

We provide to all our customers an internet portal that allows them to have access to constantly updated statistics on their sales and turnover figures.

Have I the possibility to control cash transactions to avoid shortfall?

Yes. Each cash operator has to identify himself by entering personal password or badge and every transaction is traceable in the database.

How can I promote my advertising campaign in a quick, simple and effective way?

On our internet portal you’ll find at your disposal a full set of customizable templates designed to easily manage newsletters drafting and forwarding. Once loaded the list of recipients your newsletters can be delivered through our portal so as not to slow down or overload your server.

Is it possible to handle purchase orders and inventory?

Yes. Our software is designed to generate purchase orders based on inventory needs.

In our facility we already make use of a good accounting software: will your system be able to interface with it?

Yes. Our export data tool can be easily applied to support different software systems.

Is your POS module designed to handle other sales activities besides the karts rental (catering, merchandising,
game rooms, etc.)?

Of course. Paydesk is versatile and flexible POS which enables you to handle simultaneously a number of different sales activities even in large multi-track installations, with a potentially unlimited number of vehicles and tracks.

How many operators are needed to oversee the pit PC workstation?

Once your vehicles/drivers categories are configured our system will automatically run and schedule all the races: traffic lights, emergency lights, laps counting and last lap slowdown, everything is handled by the program.

How can I spare my customers long queing up at the ticket-counter while downsizing front-line staff?

In order to tackle this problem Solution Timing has made available three innovative tools: Arrive&Drive to let membership subscribers have a direct access to the karting area; a new smartphone app to book events and/or purchase a race on-line; Kiosk and Kiosk on- line to let your customers directly enter their data in advance.

Will it be possible for my customers to upload personal data from their Facebook account through your Kiosk?

Yes. This is another opportunity to speed up the registration process and at the same time to expand your business contacts through the social networks.

What media can I use to manage subscriptions? Can I customize them with the logo of my karting venue?

The most widely used medium is the magnetic card, for which we can provide dedicated printers designed to reproduce logos and/or customized pictures, but the most practical and innovative solution is certainly the QRCode available to all of your customers who will download our app for smartphones.

Can I notify my customers with the results of their driving performances via e-mail, through the web or a social network?

Yes. Our system automatically supports emailed timing reports to any registered customer as well as posting to their Facebook Wall and registered members can take a look at the records of their racing performances by logging on your website.

In addition to plain rental karting I would like to manage and organize more complex events with a large number
of participants with tournament heats, or multi round team/corporate events. Is your system designed to handle them?

Yes. This sort of events can be organized in the utmost detail and with a minimum waste of time and resources by a single POS operator thanks to Event Organizer, a dedicated scheduling module.

Is there a limit as to the number of POS or kiosks?

No. Our system can simultaneously manage as many workstations as required by the specific needs of the venue, provided that they are supported by an appropriate server.

Is your timing and slowdown module compatible with different systems transponder?

Yes. Our software is compatible with the transponders of the most popular brands on the market, although those we usually recommend and sell are MyLaps / AMB and DeHaarts kits.

What about maintenance? Does your system include tools for scheduling and monitoring the efficiency
of my vehicles fleet?

Yes. We maintain that careful scheduled maintenance must be part of a proper management of your karts and therefore Timing Solution has dedicated to these activities a specific module.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you
with the solution that better meets your expectations